Mr. Dawood Villa

Location: Wadi Al Shabak
Build up area: 750 sq.m.


The foundation has been meticulously laid, marking the beginning of the construction of our villa. Our progress has been steady, with the sturdy beams firmly in place and the beautiful staircase nearing its final form. We have thus reached the impressive completion of approximately 70% of the envisaged structure of the geometric-looking villa.

Our commitment to accuracy extends beyond just construction. Each material undergoes careful inspection before being selected, ensuring not only quality but also exact quantity that matches the architectural plans.

This is not just a building. It's a symphony of clean lines, contemporary materials and thoughtful design. Each element blends harmoniously to form a residence that seamlessly integrates into the architectural fabric. Snapshots of progress, these photographs depict a series of details and precision.

As the project reaches this pivotal stage, the essence of the villa’s character begins to shine through its form. Each passing day brings with it a symphony of activity – skilled craftsmen meticulously craft, engineers fine-tune, and designers breathe life into every corner.
The villa is not just an architectural marvel; It is a testament to collaboration and collective vision. The atmosphere on site is charged with creativity and purpose, as each individual involved brings their expertise to the table, contributing to a collective masterpiece that transcends individual contributions.
The energy that resonates within these walls reflects the excitement and dedication invested in shaping a residence that will serve as a beacon of innovation and aesthetic brilliance in the world of modern architecture.